If your vinyl siding is old, discolored or warped, it’s a clear sign that you need a vinyl siding replacement. If you’re not sure whether you should schedule a replacement, you can speak with an expert from American Contracting Direct for advice.

For starters, here are a few other signs that point to a replacement:

Unusually high utility bills
Cracked or loose siding
Loose wallpaper inside
Peeling or chipped paint
Mold or mildew growth
The presence of dry rot

When you turn to American Contracting Direct as your siding replacement company servicing Kansas City, Olathe, KS and surrounding areas - we’ll assess your home’s exterior and determine if you’d benefit from a new siding installation.

Contact us today to get a free estimate for a vinyl siding replacement in Kansas City, Olathe, KS or surrounding areas.

Give your home a face-lift

If you've been paying for vinyl siding repairs constantly, you're probably throwing money away. Sometimes, the most cost-effective option is a vinyl siding replacement. When you call American Contracting Direct for a siding estimate in Kansas City or Olathe, KS - you can trust that we'll always be honest about what the best option is.

When you call our siding replacement company, we'll inspect your siding and find the right color that matches your home. We also offer warranties on our installations. If your home sustained damage from a storm, we'll work with your insurance company during the process.

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